Flutter Glow package


complete and easy to use flutter glow ui kit that help you to create and use glow widgets.


for install this package add package to your pubspec.yaml file:

  flutter_glow: ^0.3.0

run flutter pub get to download package. also, import the package in your file:

import 'package:flutter_glow/flutter_glow.dart';


Preview Widget Description
GlowButton A Glow button that show inkwell animation to intracting with user
GlowIcon A Glow widget that is responsible for show icon with glow effect
GlowText Glow text is used to show glow under the text
GlowCheckbox A button associated with a value, can be checked/unckecked, if checked, takes the color value
GlowRadio A set of glow radio component with single selection at time.
GlowSwitch Glow is an cupertino switch that integrated with GlowContainer to show glow under Switch

Glow Theme

you can create your own GlowTheme. Since GlowTheme is an InheritedWidget you can use it to Handle whole app changes or use it for tiny scope.