scanWithConfiguration static method

Future<Map> scanWithConfiguration(
  1. Map configuration

Starts a scanning flow with 3 screens (Camera, Document Detection, Post Processing)

It takes a configuration parameter which can take the following options:

  • source: camera, image or library (defaults to camera)
  • sourceImageUrl: an absolute image url, required if source is image. Example: file:///var/…/image.png
  • multiPage: boolean (defaults to true). If true, after a page is scanned, a prompt to scan another page will be displayed. If false, a single page will be scanned.
  • multiPageFormat: pdf, tiff, none (defaults to pdf)
  • defaultFilter: none, blackAndWhite, monochrome, color, photo (by default, the filter is chosen automatically)
  • pdfPageSize: fit, a4, letter, defaults to fit.
  • pdfMaxScanDimension: max dimension in pixels when images are scaled before PDF generation, for example 2000 to fit both height and width within 2000px. Defaults to 0, which means no scaling is performed.
  • pdfFontFileUrl: Custom font file used during the PDF generation to embed an invisible text layer. If null, a default font is used, which only supports Latin languages.
  • jpegQuality: JPEG quality used to compress captured images. Between 0 and 100, 100 being the best quality. Default is 60.
  • postProcessingActions: an array with the desired actions to display during the post processing screen (defaults to all actions). Possible actions are rotate, editFilter and correctDistortion.
  • flashButtonHidden: boolean (default to false)
  • defaultFlashMode: auto, on, off (default to off)
  • foregroundColor: string representing a color, must start with a #. The color of the icons, text (defaults to '#ffffff').
  • backgroundColor: string representing a color, must start with a #. The color of the toolbar, screen background (defaults to black)
  • highlightColor: string representing a color, must start with a #. The color of the image overlays (default to blue)
  • menuColor: string representing a color, must start with a #. The color of the menus (defaults to system defaults.)
  • ocrConfiguration: text recognition options. Text recognition will run on a background thread for every captured image. No text recognition will be applied if this parameter is not present.
    • languages: list of language codes (eg ["eng"]) for which to run text recognition. They should match the provided language files. Note that text recognition will take longer if multiple languages are specified.
    • languagesDirectoryUrl: folder containing the language files used for text recognition. Language files can be downloaded from
    • outputFormats: an array with the formats in which the OCR result is made available in the ScanFlow result (defaults to all formats). Possible formats are rawText, hOCR and textLayerInPDF.

It returns a Future<Map> containing:

  • multiPageDocumentUrl: a document containing all the scanned pages (example: "file://
  • scans: an array of scan objects. Each scan object has:
    • originalUrl: The original file as scanned from the camera. "file://
    • enhancedUrl: The cropped and enhanced file, as processed by the SDK. "file://
    • ocrResult: the result of text recognition for this scan
      • text: the raw text that was recognized
      • hocrTextLayout: the recognized text in hOCR format (with position, style…)


static Future<Map> scanWithConfiguration(Map configuration) async {
  return await _channel.invokeMethod('scanWithConfiguration', configuration);