File Logger Tree for Fimber


A tree for the Fimber Flutter library that will write the logs to a File for each day.

Getting started

1) Dependency setup

First import the library to your project in your pubspec.yaml:

  • 1.2.x uses intl 0.17+
  • 1.1.x uses intl 0.16+
  • 1.0.x uses intl 0.15.x
flutter_fimber_filelogger: ^1.1.1+1

# or 

flutter_fimber_filelogger: ^1.0.2

2) Import the library in your Dart code

import 'package:flutter_fimber_filelogger/flutter_fimber_filelogger.dart';

3) Plant the tree



The files will be stored in the [getApplicationDocumentsDirectory]/logs directory.

For each day, a new File will be created. An auto-clean mechanism is available, where you have to specify the number of days to keep the files onto the disk:

Fimber.plantTree(FileLoggerTree(numberOfDays: 5));  

To disable it, just pass a null value.