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A widget for Flutter that allows you to fade in and out a child widget.
When a widget is faded out it is no longer in the view tree. Meaning that it can't be used or interacted with. Handy for hiding buttons.

Example of fader with buttons Example of fader with scroll

Getting started

In your Flutter project, add the package to your dependencies

  flutter_fader: ^2.0.0

Usage example

Examples of how to use the widget, and that can also be ran on your device, can be found in the example directory

Import the fader package

import 'package:flutter_fader/flutter_fader.dart';

Create a fader controller, this allows you to control when the Fader fades in or out

FaderController faderController = new FaderController();

Create a fader widget, and pass it the fader controller

  controller: faderController,
  duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 50),
  child: Text("Hello, world!"),

Now you can fade the child widget in and out at will