Plugin for provisioning ESP32 Devices over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

This library uses Espressif-provided provisioning libraries for their custom protocol over BLE.

See the example.



  • iOS 13.0+

Add to your Info.plist Bluetooth permissions

<string>Our app uses bluetooth to find, connect and transfer data between different devices</string>


In your android/app/build.gradle make sure your minSdkVersion it's 23 or above.

Add to androud/build.gradle repositories the following repository maven { url ("https://jitpack.io/") } It should look something like this:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url ("https://jitpack.io/") }

Bluetooth permissions on Android changed at S (31) so some creative behaviour is required in the manifest. This is all documented which the library requests on your behalf.


Library embedding

Currently we embed the Espressif Android library in libs because Jitpack fetching doesn't work and we can't

Alternative Library

  • https://pub.dev/packages/esp_bluetooth_provisioning This plugin uses Espressif's libraries but has no source repository, is unmaintained, and therefore not null safe etc. I would happily fix it if it had a repo.

  • https://pub.dev/packages/esp_provisioning This plugin reimplements Espressif's protocols in Dart, which is no doubt a highly worthy ambition, but has a bunch of dependency on Flutter libraries like the Bluetooth library and incurs a huge maintenance burden, which with