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👉 A light-weight Emoji 📦 for Flutter with all up-to-date emojis 😄. Made from 💯% ☕ with ❤️!

Inspired from the node-emoji package.


Add this into pubspec.yaml

  flutter_emoji: ">= 2.0.0"

API Usage

First, import the package:

import 'package:flutter_emoji/flutter_emoji.dart';

There are two main classes you need to know to handle Emoji text: Emoji and EmojiParser.

Basically, you need to initialize an instance of EmojiParser.

var parser = EmojiParser();
var coffee = Emoji('coffee', '☕');
var heart  = Emoji('heart', '❤️');

// Get emoji info
var emojiHeart = parser.info('heart');
print(emojiHeart); '{name: heart, full: :heart:, code: ❤️}'

// Check emoji equality
heart == emojiHeart;  // returns: true
heart == emojiCoffee; // returns: false

// Get emoji by name or code
parser.get('coffee');   // returns: Emoji{name="coffee", full=":coffee:", code="☕"}
parser.get(':coffee:'); // returns: Emoji{name="coffee", full=":coffee:", code="☕"}

parser.hasName('coffee'); // returns: true
parser.getName('coffee'); // returns: Emoji{name="coffee", full=":coffee:", code="☕"}

parser.hasEmoji('❤️'); // returns: true
parser.getEmoji('❤️'); // returns: Emoji{name="heart", full=":heart:", code="❤️"}

parser.emojify('I :heart: :coffee:'); // returns: 'I ❤️ ☕'
parser.unemojify('I ❤️ ☕'); // returns: 'I :heart: :coffee:'

All methods will return Emoji.None if emoji is not found.

parser.get('does_not_exist_emoji_name'); // returns: Emoji.None


Features coming to this package:

  • x Get detail of an emoji.
  • x Refactor for easier usage.
  • Validate bad input.
  • Find list of available emojis from a given text.
  • Replace emoji by another one.
  • Callback for handling missing emojis on general methods.
  • Auto-update emoji list.
  • Make extensible emoji matcher.


MIT @ 2019 Pete Houston.