A new Flutter Package for both IOS and Android to add Echo widget for Music Player.

Getting Started

to use this package, first downloaded it using the following command:

flutter pub add echo  


To use this Package, First Fetch the Music Path

String path= "abc.mp3";  

And then Create the AudioPlayer Object

final AudioPlayer player = AudioPlayer();  
final AudioPlayer player2 = AudioPlayer();  
final AudioPlayer player3 = AudioPlayer();  


Echo Using Just_Audio Package

First of All we need to understand how Echo is Create?
Echo is simply created with reflection. Now how we can create reflection?
We can create reflection using with playing the same number of music at the same time. *In this package you just need to attach your music path
*Connect your AudioPlayer Objects with players it simply provides you the option of set (audio1,audio2,audio3) Speed, Pitch, and Volume