flutter_easy_log Pub

An extremely easy-to-use logging library for Flutter. Highly inspired by Android's default logging API.

Getting Started

Here is a complete example of its use:

Log.d('My debug log'); // Debug log
Log.e('My error log'); // Error log
Log.i('My info log'); // Info log
Log.v('My verbose log'); // Verbose log
Log.w('My warning log'); // Warning log
Log.wtf('My WTF log'); // What a terrible failure log

Simple logs

You can also use tags to better identify your logs:

Log.i(tag: 'First button', 'Button clicked!');

And, of course, you can log anything you want:

Log.e(tag: 'Button click', Exception('My exception!'));

As simple as that.


The configuration affects the plugin globally, so you can add it in the main() function of your app.

Show logs only in debug mode

This setting is enabled by default, but can be disabled with the following global parameter:

Log.debugOnly = false;

Show date in logs

This setting is disabled by default, but can be enabled with the following global parameter:

Log.showDate = true;

Full logs