Flutter dev utils to make your life easier


  • Sync and async tryCatchHandler

    • Used for state management to ensure you never miss an exception.
  • CallerLogger

    • Built off logger package with functionality to print caller, ignore certain callers, and filter printed logs by caller type
  • Help

    • Stop clicking those purple stackoverflow links! HelpFoo classes can be used for inline code help.

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var logger = CallerLogger(
  ignoreCallers: {
    'syncTryCatchHandler', // logs from this function will be ignored
  filter: TypeFilter(
    ignoreTypes: {
      IgnoredClass, // logs from this class will be ignored
    ignoreLevel: Level.warning, // logs of Level.warning and anove will always be shown
  level: Level.verbose, // show logs of Level.verbose and above

See example/main_caller_logger.dart for more info.


      tryFunction: () =>
          jsonDecode('notJson'), // this should throw an exception and print a detailed log

Additional information

Making Changes

  1. Run flutter test
  2. Change version number in pubspec.yaml
  3. Update CHANGELOG.md
  4. Run dart pub publish --dry-run
  5. Run dart pub publish