Alpha version of Flutter Control

Stable but needs more testing and little care..

Flutter Control helps to separate Business Logic from UI and works based on BLoC and Provider patterns, but with little twist. Whole Logic is based in Controller or Model classes and Widgets are notified about changes via Streams.

Base classes

  • BaseApp Wraps MaterialApp and initializes Control and Factory. It's just shortcut to start with Flutter Control.
  • AppControl Is InheritedWidget around whole App. Holds Factory and other important Controllers.
  • ControlFactory Mainly initializes and stores Controllers, Models and other Logic classes. Also works as global Stream to provide communication and synchronization between separated parts of App.
  • BaseLocalization Json based localization, that supports simple strings, plurals and dynamic structures.
  • RouteHandler Initializes Widget and handles Navigation.


  • ActionControl Single or Broadcast Observable. Usable with ControlBuilder to dynamically build Widgets.
  • FieldControl Stream wrapper to use with FieldStreamBuilder or FieldBuilder to dynamically build Widgets.
  • ListControl Extended FieldControl to work with List
  • RxControl under construction..


  • BaseController Stores all Business Logic and initializes self during Widget construction. Have native access to Factory and Control.
  • StateController Adds functionality to notify State of ControlWidget.
  • BaseModel Lightweight version of Controller. Mainly used for Items in dynamic List or to separate/reuse Logic.
  • InputController Controller for InputField to control text, changes, validity, focus, etc. Controllers can be chained via 'next' and 'done' events.
  • NavigatorController Controller for NavigatorStack.single to control navigation inside Widget.
  • NavigatorStackController Controller for NavigatorStack.pages or to control navigation between Widgets.


  • ControlWidget Base Widget to work with Controllers. Have native access to Factory and Control.

  • BaseControlWidget Widget with no init Controllers, but still have access to Factory etc. so Controllers can be get from there.

  • SingleControlWidget Widget with just one generic Controller.

  • InputField Wrapped TextField to provide more functionality and control via InputController.

  • FieldBuilder Dynamic Widget builder controlled by FieldControl.

  • FieldBuilderGroup Dynamic Widget builder controlled by multiple FieldControls.

  • ListBuilder Wrapper of FieldBuilder to easily work with Lists.

  • ControlBuilder Dynamic Widget builder controlled by ActionControl.

  • StableWidget Widget that is build just once.

  • NavigatorStack.single Enables navigation inside Widget.

  • NavigatorStack.pages Enables navigation between Widgets. Usable for menus, tabs, etc.

  • Same as 'pages', but Widgets are generated from MenuItem data.


  • ControlProvider Provides and initializes objects from ControlFactory.
  • BroadcastProvider Globally broadcast events and data.
  • PageRouteProvider Specifies Route and WidgetBuilder settings for RouteHandler.


  • LocalizationProvider - mixin for any class, enables BaseLocalization for given object.

  • RouteControl - mixin for ControlWidget, enables route navigation.

  • RouteController - mixin for BaseController, enables route navigation bridge to ControlWidget with RouteControl.

  • TickerControl - mixin for ControlWidget, enables Ticker for given Widget.

  • DisposeHandler - mixin for any class, helps with object disposing.

  • PrefsProvider - mixin for any class, helps to store user preferences.


  • FutureBlock Retriggerable delay.

  • DelayBlock Delay to wrap a block of code to prevent 'super fast' completion and UI jiggles.

  • Parse Helps to parse json primitives and Iterables. Provides default values if parsing fails.

  • ArgProvider Helps to retrieve object form List or Map.

  • Device Wrapper over MediaQuery.

  • WidgetInitializer Helps to initialize Widgets with init data.

  • BaseTheme Some basic values to work with during Widget composition.

  • and more..


Control and App initialization. TodoController is initialized and stored in global ControlFactory.

   class MainApp extends StatelessWidget {
     Widget build(BuildContext context) {
       return BaseApp(
         title: 'Flutter Control',
         theme: ThemeData(),
         entries: {
           'todo': TodoController(),
         root: (context) => TodoPage(),

Controller handles all Business Logic. Simply adds and removes items from List and recalculates item done count. StringControl and ListControl wraps Stream and notifies FieldBuilder about changes.

class TodoController extends BaseController {
  final doneCount = StringControl();
  final items = ListControl<TodoItemModel>();
  final input = InputController(regex: '.{3,}');

  TodoController() {
    items.subscribe((list) => _recalculateCount());

  void addInputItem() {
    if (!input.validate()) {
      input.setError('invalid value');

    items.add(TodoItemModel(this, input.value));


  void removeItem(TodoItemModel item) => items.remove(item);

  void _recalculateCount() => doneCount.setValue("${items.where((item) => item.done.isTrue).length}/${items.length}");

  void dispose() {

    items.clear(disposeItems: true);

Model holds state of one item in list and notifies parent controller about changes.

class TodoItemModel extends BaseModel {
  final done = BoolControl();
  final String title;

  TodoItemModel(TodoController parent, this.title) {
    done.subscribe((value) => parent._recalculateCount());

  void dispose() {

List and Item builders. State management is handled by Controller and separate Widgets are build via FieldBuilder. Controller is automatically provided by ControlFactory. Controller can be provided manually or multiple controllers can be set to work with ControlWidget.

class TodoPage extends SingleControlWidget<TodoController> {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      appBar: AppBar(
        title: Text('TODO List'),
        actions: <Widget>[
            padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 16.0),
            child: Center(
              child: FieldBuilder<String>(
                controller: controller.doneCount,
                builder: (BuildContext context, String value) {
                  return Text(value);
      body: Column(
        children: <Widget>[
            child: ListBuilder<TodoItemModel>(
              controller: controller.items,
              builder: (context, items) {
                return ListView.builder(
                  itemCount: items.length,
                  itemBuilder: (context, index) {
                    final item = items[index];
                    return FieldBuilder<bool>(
                      key: ObjectKey(item),
                      controller: item.done,
                      builder: (context, isDone) {
                        return FlatButton(
                          onPressed: item.done.toggle,
                          child: Row(
                            children: <Widget>[
                                value: isDone,
                                onChanged: (checked) => item.done.setValue(checked),
                                style: isDone ? theme.textTheme.body1.copyWith(decoration: TextDecoration.lineThrough) : theme.textTheme.body1,
            color: theme.primaryColor,
            padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 16.0),
            child: Center(
              child: InputField(
                controller: controller.input,