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Flutter plugin to read, create, update, delete and observe native contacts on Android and iOS, with group support, vCard support, and contact permission handling.

For a minimalistic example, take a look at example/. You can write a full-fledged contacts app with it – see example_full/ to see how.

Quick start

// See installation notes below regarding AndroidManifest.xml and Info.plist
import 'package:flutter_contacts_plus/flutter_contacts_plus.dart';

// Request contact permission
if (await FlutterContacts.requestPermission()) {
  // Get all contacts (lightly fetched)
  List<Contact> contacts = await FlutterContacts.getContacts();

  // Get all contacts (fully fetched)
  contacts = await FlutterContacts.getContacts(
      withProperties: true, withPhoto: true);

  // Get contact with specific ID (fully fetched)
  Contact contact = await FlutterContacts.getContact(contacts.first.id);

  // Insert new contact
  final newContact = Contact()
    ..name.first = 'John'
    ..name.last = 'Smith'
    ..phones = [Phone('555-123-4567')];
  await newContact.insert();

  // Update contact
  contact.name.first = 'Bob';
  await contact.update();

  // Delete contact
  await contact.delete();

  // Open external contact app to view/edit/pick/insert contacts.
  await FlutterContacts.openExternalView(contact.id);
  await FlutterContacts.openExternalEdit(contact.id);
  final contact = await FlutterContacts.openExternalPick();
  final contact = await FlutterContacts.openExternalInsert();

  // Listen to contact database changes
  FlutterContacts.addListener(() => print('Contact DB changed'));

  // Create a new group (iOS) / label (Android).
  await FlutterContacts.insertGroup(Group('', 'Coworkers'));

  // Export contact to vCard
  String vCard = contact.toVCard();

  // Import contact from vCard
  contact = Contact.fromVCard('BEGIN:VCARD\n'

Simplified contact model

See code for complete data model.

class Contact {
    String id;
    String displayName;
    Uint8List? photo;
    Uint8List? thumbnail;
    Name name;
    List<Phone> phones;
    List<Email> emails;
    List<Address> addresses;
    List<Organization> organizations;
    List<Website> websites;
    List<SocialMedia> socialMedias;
    List<Event> events;
    List<Note> notes;
    List<Group> groups;
class Name { String first; String last; }
class Phone { String number; PhoneLabel label; }
class Email { String address; EmailLabel label; }
class Address { String address; AddressLabel label; }
class Organization { String company; String title; }
class Website { String url; WebsiteLabel label; }
class SocialMedia { String userName; SocialMediaLabel label; }
class Event { int? year; int month; int day; EventLabel label; }
class Note { String note; }
class Group { String id; String name; }


  1. Add the following key/value pair to your app's Info.plist (for iOS):
    <plist version="1.0">
        <string>Reason we need access to the contact list</string>
  2. Add the following <uses-permissions> tags to your app's AndroidManifest.xml (for Android):
    <manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" ...>
        <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_CONTACTS"/>
        <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS"/>
        <application ...>


  • On iOS13+ you can only access notes if your app is entitled by Apple so notes are disabled by default. If you get entitlement, enable them via
    FlutterContacts.config.includeNotesOnIos13AndAbove = true;
  • On both iOS and Android there is a concept of raw and unified contacts. A single person might have two raw contacts (for example from Gmail and from iCloud) but will be merged into a single view called a unified contact. In a contact app you typically want unified contacts, so this is what's returned by default. You can get raw contacts instead via
    FlutterContacts.config.returnUnifiedContacts = false;
    However, for now, raw contacts cannot be inserted, updated or deleted.

Feature requests

These features have been requested and will be available soon.

  • Read/write custom ringtones #22
  • Block contacts #28
  • Support for contacts stored in SIM card #26 #23
  • More raw account information on Android #5 #8