Simple flutter calendar based on flutter_calendar package. Thanks to @AppleEducate for his contributions. You can pull up and down the calendar to show between weekly/monthly calendar. It shows the number of events for thats specific date. It shows the already Done events in other color

Breaking Changes

Changed naming properties from show to hide, i.e. hideArrows instead of showArrows

Screenshot Screenshot


{ onDateSelected: function, //receives a DateTime
  onRangeSelected: function, //receives to, from as DateTime
  isExpandable: bool, //can expand
  dayBuilder: (BuildContext context, DateTime day) {}, //return inside a widget to render
  hideArrows: bool, //show arrows to change month/week
  hideTodayIcon: bool, //show today icon to focus calendar on today
  events: Map, //map of events to display bullets on each day with events
  selectedColor: Color, //set the circle background for selected day if not uses the primaryColor
  todayColor: Color, //set the font color of todays date
  eventColor: Color, //set the event dot color, if not uses the accentColor
  eventDoneColor: Color, //set the event dot color for already Done events, if not uses the accentColor
  dayOfWeekStyle: TextStyle, // Set style for top day of week,
  startOnMonday: bool // false by default, month starts on sunday by default. If set to true please change weekdays
  weekdays: List<String> // replace weekdays naming when starting on monday or to override in another language

event List<Map> // add isDone to each event to change color for done events

Sample event data

final Map _events = {
    DateTime(2019, 3, 1): ['Event A', 'Event B', 'Event C'],
    DateTime(2019, 3, 4): ['Event A'],
    DateTime(2019, 3, 5): ['Event B', 'Event C'],
    DateTime(2019, 3, 13): ['Event A', 'Event B', 'Event C'],
    DateTime(2019, 3, 15): [
      'Event A',
      'Event B',
      'Event C',
      'Event D',
      'Event E',
      'Event F',
      'Event G'
    DateTime(2019, 2, 26): ['Event A', 'Event A', 'Event B'],
    DateTime(2019, 2, 18): ['Event A', 'Event A', 'Event B'],