flutter_chip_tags allow developers to create tags from list and add or remove tags from list. It has a TextFormField where user can insert value and it will seprate each tag by space. Similar to GitHub Manage Topics

Getting Started

For Detailed Example head over to example/lib/main.dart


  list: _myListCustom,
  chipColor: Colors.black,
  iconColor: Colors.white,
  textColor: Colors.white,
  decoration: InputDecoration(hintText: "Your Custom Hint"),
  keyboardType: TextInputType.text,


listList<String> which you want to display as Tags.
chipColorSets Chip background color. By default it's Blue.
iconColorSets Icon color. By default it's White.
textColorSets Text color. By default it's White.
separatorString that acts as the target to separate.
decorationIt accepts InputDecoration to decorate TextFormField.
keyboradTypeIt accepts TextInputType to set the keyboard layout.
createTagOnSubmitIt allows user to create tag on submit. If true they separtor will be ignored.
chipPositionIt allows to display chip either above or below the textField. By default it's ChipPosition.below

Example Demo