RustWire class


RustWire(FutureOr<WasmModule> module)


hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
no setterinherited
init Future<RustWasmModule>
no setterinherited
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
no setterinherited


drop_dart_object(int ptr) → void
free_WireSyncReturn(WireSyncReturn val) → void
Not to be used by normal users, but has to be public for generated code
get_dart_object(int ptr) Object
new_dart_opaque(Object obj) int
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a nonexistent method or property is accessed.
store_dart_post_cobject(DartPostCObject ptr) → void
Not to be used by normal users, but has to be public for generated code
toString() String
A string representation of this object.
wire_bytes_to_hex(NativePortType port_, Uint8List bytes) → void
wire_bytes_to_sha256(NativePortType port_, Uint8List bytes) → void
wire_cats_create_cat_puzzle(NativePortType port_, Uint8List tail_hash, Uint8List inner_puzzle_hash) → void
wire_cmd_program_opc(NativePortType port_, List<String> args) → void
wire_cmd_program_opd(NativePortType port_, List<String> args) → void
wire_cmds_program_brun(NativePortType port_, List<String> args) → void
wire_cmds_program_run(NativePortType port_, List<String> args) → void
wire_get_puzzle_from_public_key(NativePortType port_, Uint8List pk) → void
wire_hex_to_bytes(NativePortType port_, String hex) → void
wire_program_curry(NativePortType port_, Uint8List ser_program_bytes, List<String> args_str) → void
wire_program_disassemble(NativePortType port_, Uint8List ser_program_bytes, int? version) → void
wire_program_from_atom_bytes(NativePortType port_, Uint8List ser_program_bytes) → void
wire_program_from_list(NativePortType port_, List<String> program_list) → void
wire_program_run(NativePortType port_, Uint8List ser_program_bytes, List<String> args_str) → void
wire_program_to_atom_bytes(NativePortType port_, Uint8List ser_program_bytes) → void
wire_program_tree_hash(NativePortType port_, Uint8List ser_program_bytes) → void
wire_program_uncurry(NativePortType port_, Uint8List ser_program_bytes) → void
wire_pub_entropy_to_mnemonic(NativePortType port_, Uint8List entropy) → void
wire_pub_entropy_to_seed(NativePortType port_, Uint8List entropy) → void
wire_pub_master_to_pool_authentication(NativePortType port_, Uint8List sk, int pool_wallet_idx, int idx) → void
wire_pub_master_to_pool_singleton(NativePortType port_, Uint8List master, int pool_wallet_idx) → void
wire_pub_master_to_wallet_hardened(NativePortType port_, Uint8List master, int idx) → void
wire_pub_master_to_wallet_hardened_intermediate(NativePortType port_, Uint8List master) → void
wire_pub_master_to_wallet_unhardened(NativePortType port_, Uint8List master, int idx) → void
wire_pub_master_to_wallet_unhardened_intermediate(NativePortType port_, Uint8List master) → void
wire_pub_mnemonic_to_entropy(NativePortType port_, String mnemonic_words) → void
wire_public_key_derive_path_unhardened(NativePortType port_, Uint8List sk, Uint32List path) → void
wire_secret_key_derive_path_hardened(NativePortType port_, Uint8List sk, Uint32List path) → void
wire_secret_key_derive_path_unhardened(NativePortType port_, Uint8List sk, Uint32List path) → void
wire_secret_key_from_seed(NativePortType port_, Uint8List seed) → void
wire_secret_key_public_key(NativePortType port_, Uint8List sk) → void
wire_signature_aggregate(NativePortType port_, Uint8List sigs_stream, int length) → void
wire_signature_is_valid(NativePortType port_, Uint8List sig) → void
wire_signature_sign(NativePortType port_, Uint8List sk, Uint8List msg) → void
wire_signature_verify(NativePortType port_, Uint8List pk, Uint8List msg, Uint8List sig) → void


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.