This library contains necessary widgets for chat application ui. All the components are customizable.


  • Chat Dialogs Widget
  • Message Bar Widget
  • Highly Customizable

Getting started

To use this widget there is not any special requirement. IF you have flutter installed you can directly start using this.

How to Use

Add This Library:

Add this line to your dependencies:

flutter_chat_widget: ^0.0.4

Then you just have to import the package with

import 'package:flutter_chat_widget/flutter_chat_widget.dart';

Create Chat Bubbles

//for sent messages
  message: item.text,
  background: Colors.blueAccent,
  textColor: Colors.white,

//for received messages
  message: item.text,
  background: Colors.black12,
  textColor: Colors.black,

Create Message Bar

MessageBar(onCLicked: (text) {
  // send data to server


This is an initial release of the package. If you find any issue please let me know I will fix it accordingly.