Flutter wrapper for CellRebelSDK


In your application entry point import CellRebelSDK module and run init method using your unique CLIENT_KEY string:

import 'package:flutter_cellrebel_sdk/flutter_cellrebel_sdk.dart';

// ...


Use startTracking to start measurement. On the first launch it's best to call this method after user response on location permission dialog. During the next sessions this method should be called when application finished launching:


In some (rare) cases, if very high load tasks need to be performed, stopTracking can be used to abort an ongoing measurement sequence:


Call getVersion to retrieve current version of CellRebelSDK:

String sdkVersion = await CellRebelSDK.getVersion();

Use clearUserData if you need to request the removal of user data collected (based on GDPR 'right to be forgotten'):

bool success = await CellRebelSDK.clearUserData();

Calling clearUserData will deinitialize CellRebelSDK and remove all local data. init method should be called before using CellRebelSDK again.

Demo project