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Empower your Flutter app with seamless cart management using this powerful package. This comprehensive Flutter package offers a wide range of cart management features that simplify the process of adding, removing, and updating items in your app's cart. With its easy-to-use functionality, managing your app's cart has never been easier.



  • Initialization: Initialize the flutter_cart using initializeCart() method. Pass isPersistenceSupportEnabled to true to enable persistence support.
  • Add to Cart: Add products to the cart with the addToCart method.
  • Update Quantity: Update the quantity of the items e.g. increment/decrement using the updateQuantity method.
  • Remove from Cart: Remove specific items from the cart using the removeItem method.
  • Clear Cart: Remove all items from the cart using the clearCart method.
  • Apply Discount: Apply discount on item using the applyDiscount method. Note: you can also apply a discount at the time of adding the item to the cart.
  • Total Amount: Get the total amount of items in the cart using the total variable e.g. flutterCart.total.
  • Subtotal: Get the subtotal amount of items in the cart using the subtotal variable e.g. flutterCart.subtotal.
  • Items Count: Retrieve the total number of items in the cart using the cartLength variable e.g. flutterCart.cartLength.
  • Get Item Index: Use getProductIndex method to get the item index in the cart.
  • Get Specific Item: Use getSpecificProduct method to get the specific item from the cart.
  • Check Persistence Support: Use getPersistenceSupportStatus method to check the persistence support status.


To use this plugin, add flutter_cart as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

    sdk: flutter


This package is using shared_preferences for persisting cart items.

Getting Started

  • Initialization

    first, create an instance of flutter_cart package.

     // Set [isPersistenceSupportEnabled] to true to turn on the cart persistence
       void main() async {
         var cart = FlutterCart();
         await cart.initializeCart(isPersistenceSupportEnabled: true);
  • Add to cart ๐Ÿ›’

         // This method is called when we have to add an item to the cart
         // Example:
         void addToCart(YourProductModel product) {
           cartModel: CartModel(
             // ... other parameters
             if [discount] is applicable and in percentage so, you can
             calculate the discount like this
             var discount = (product.discountPercentage / 100) * product.price;
             discount: discount,
             [productMeta] takes Map<String, dynamic> so, you can store your complete product data in productMeta
             productMeta: product.toJson()),
  • Update quantity โž•/ โž–

        // [updateQuantity] is used to increment/decrement the item quantity
        // Example:
        void updateQuantity(CartModel item, int newQuantity) {
           item.productId, item.variants, newQuantity);
  • Remove item ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ

        // [removeItem] is used for removing the specific item from the cart
        // Example:
        void removeItemFromCart(CartModel item) {
          flutterCart.removeItem(item.productId, item.variants);
  • Clear cart ๐Ÿงน

         void clearCart() {
  • Get cart Items

        List<CartModel> get getCartItems => flutterCart.cartItemsList;
  • Total quantity

        int get getCartCount => flutterCart.cartLength;
  • Total amount

        double get getTotalAmount => flutterCart.total;
  • Subtotal

        double get subtotal => flutterCart.subtotal;