Image Slider Package For Flutter

##Description Introducing the Flutter Image Slider Package — a simple and highly customizable solution for embedding image sliders into your Flutter applications. This package is designed to be both user-friendly and efficient, giving your app a seamless and engaging visual element.

##Features Smooth Transitions: Enjoy smooth, seamless transitions between images with adjustable durations. Customizable Design: Tailor the slider's appearance to match your app’s design language, with options to customize image borders, slider controls, and more. Auto-Play Option: Choose to have your images slide automatically with customizable time intervals, or use manual controls for user-driven navigation. Responsive Layout: The slider is designed to adapt gracefully to various screen sizes and orientations. Indicator Options: Choose between different styles of indicators, and position them as desired below the images. Touch Gestures: Users can navigate through images using swipe gestures. Looping: Option to loop the images, so the slideshow never ends. Image Preloading: Efficient image handling to preload images and ensure they are ready when needed, minimizing loading times.

##Usage To use this package, simply add it to your pubspec.yaml file:

dependencies: flutter: sdk: flutter flutter_canvas_image_slider: ^latest_version

Then, import it into your Dart file:

import "package:flutter_canvas_image_slider/image_slider.dart"; And add the widget to your build method:

ImageSlider( images: 'url1', 'url2', 'url3', indicatorColor:, selectedColor:, slidingTime: 200, )

##Contribution We welcome contributions! If you find a bug or would like a new feature, please feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.


This package is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details. Please make sure to adjust the details (like the package name, usage details, features, etc.) to align with the actual functionality and structure of your package. Also, you might want to consider publishing it on if you haven't done so already, as it is the default package repository for Flutter and Dart.