FCXPlayDTMFCallAction class

Dart representation of CXPlayDTMFCallAction from iOS CallKit Framework.

Whenever digits are transmitted during a call, whether from a user interacting with a number pad or following a hard or soft pause, the provider calls FCXProvider.performPlayDTMFCallAction.

Handler of the FCXProvider.performPlayDTMFCallAction callback calls the FCXAction.fulfill method to indicate that the action was successfully performed.

The provider calls FCXProvider.performPlayDTMFCallAction for successive actions only after the current action is fulfilled.

When interacting with the number pad, each entered digit constitutes its own action.

Digits following a hard or soft pause, however, are passed to FCXProvider.performPlayDTMFCallAction as a single string of digits.

For example, if a user taps the 4 button on the number pad, followed by the 2 button, the FCXProvider.performPlayDTMFCallAction called for the digit 4 and waits for the action to be fulfilled; after the action is fulfilled, the FCXProvider.performPlayDTMFCallAction called for the digit 2.

CallKit automatically plays the corresponding DTMF frequencies for any digits transmitted over a call.

The app is responsible for managing the timing and handling of digits as part of fulfilling the action.



FCXPlayDTMFCallAction(String callUuid, String digits, FCXPlayDTMFCallActionType type)
Initializes a new action for a call identified by a given uuid, as well as a specified type and sequence of digits.


callUuid String
The unique identifier of the call.
final, inherited
complete bool
A bool value that indicates whether the action has been performed by the provider.
read-only, inherited
digits String
The string representation of the digits that should be played as DTMF tones
read / write
hashCode int
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read-only, inherited
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited
timeoutDate DateTime
The time after which the action cannot be completed.
read-only, inherited
type FCXPlayDTMFCallActionType
The type of the call action.
read / write
uuid String
The unique identifier for the action.
read-only, inherited


fail() Future<void>
Reports the failed execution of the action.
fulfill() Future<void>
Reports the successful execution of the action.
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toString() String
Returns a string representation of this object.


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