flutter_calendar_carousel library


CalendarCarousel<T extends EventInterface>


DayBuilder = Widget? Function(bool isSelectable, int index, bool isSelectedDay, bool isToday, bool isPrevMonthDay, TextStyle textStyle, bool isNextMonthDay, bool isThisMonthDay, DateTime day)
This builder is called for every day in the calendar. If you want to build only few custom day containers, return null for the days you want to leave with default looks All characteristics like circle border are also applied to the custom day container DayBuilder provides. (if supplied function returns null, Calendar's function will be called for day). isSelectable - is between CalendarCarousel.minSelectedDate and CalendarCarousel.maxSelectedDate index - DOES NOT equal day number! Index of the day built in current visible field isSelectedDay - if the day is selected isToday - if the day is similar to DateTime.now() isPrevMonthDay - if the day is from previous month textStyle - text style that would have been applied by the calendar if it was to build the day. Example: if the user provided CalendarCarousel.todayTextStyle and isToday is true, CalendarCarousel.todayTextStyle would be sent into DayBuilder's textStyle. If user didn't provide it, default CalendarCarousel's textStyle would be sent. Same applies to all text styles like CalendarCarousel.prevDaysTextStyle, CalendarCarousel.daysTextStyle etc. isNextMonthDay - if the day is from next month isThisMonthDay - if the day is from next month day - day being built.
MarkedDateIconBuilder<T> = Widget? Function(T event)
OnDayLongPressed = void Function(DateTime day)
WeekdayBuilder = Widget Function(int weekday, String weekdayName)
This builder is called for every weekday container (7 times, from Mon to Sun). weekday - weekday built, from 0 to 6. weekdayName - string representation of the weekday (Mon, Tue, Wed, etc).