A package to implement a complete caching strategy to handle the display of data for your users.

Requirements 🖇️

  • Dart sdk: ">=2.17.6 <3.0.0"
  • Flutter: ">=3.3.8"

Usage ⚒️

You can refer to the example folder to know how to implement the package.

First you need to inject the CacheStrategyPackage() (it's a Singleton)

Then, you can call execute() method and inject the parameters required depending on the strategy choosen (boxeName,async, serializer...)

You can use one of these 4 differents strategies :

  • AsyncOrCacheStrategy which will first trigger a remote call to retrieve the data and store it in the device's cache. If the call generates an error at any point, the data in the cache will be retrieved.

  • CacheOrAsyncStrategy works in reverse to the above strategy, looking for cached data first and if null is returned then a remote call is triggered.

  • JustAsyncStrategy will only trigger a remote call to retrieve data.

  • JustCacheStrategy will only fetch cached data.

    final _provider = FetchDataImpl();
    final _package = CacheStrategyPackage();
    final List<MealDto>? frenchFood = await _package
        keyCache: "frenchFood",
        boxeName: "EuropeanBoxe",
        serializer: (data) => MealDto.fromData(data),
        async: _provider.getFrenchFood(),
        strategy: AsyncOrCacheStrategy(),
        isEncrypted: true,
            .onError((error, stackTrace) {
        throw error ?? Error();

I advise to implement the package in your repository. Its role is to convert the dto into an entity, so handling data caching here seems relevant.

And that's all !

Example 📱

  • When it's set on AsyncOrCacheStrategy :


  • Now turn off the internet and pull down to refresh the lists, you'll still see the meals :


  • Now click on Remove French food from cache :


You can see now that the French food has been removed from the cache but the Italian food is still there.

  • Now if you click on Remove European food from cache :


There are no more European meals since this box has been cleaned of the cache but the Indian meals are still present as they are stored in a different box.

Articles / Resources 📚

This package is the completion of that article I wrote.

Pull requests ⬇️

Pull requests are welcome, I'm a beginner so don't hesitate if you see any corrections.

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