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  • An efficient flutter package for an on-tap bounce animation on any flutter widgets
  • This package is an enhanced version of bouncing_widget.
  • Limitation of the bouncing_widget package:
    • It is not efficient for the widgets in Scroll Pages. We cannot scroll while having our fingers on the widget
    • The same issue would be found here

Advantages of flutter_bounce

  • Flutter bounce package will give you full freedom, to be used in on both the static and dynamic like scrolling pages.
  • Not sticky on scrolling, efficient bounce effect every where
  • With Duration, controll the bounce animation
  • It doesn't let the widget stay pressed when you scroll through, if we use the normal bounce effect with simply using the Flutter AnimationController and Tranform.scale() Widget.


  • Widget flutter_widget is not the copy paste of bouncing_widget, it works differently. Without limitations, and the functionality works differently, based upon the duration, and not on the scaleFactor.
  • It doesn't have the scaleFactor at all, which is required in the widget
  • The code written in such a way that supports the flutter_bounce functionality. However, I have taken motivation from the limitations of the bouncing_widget


To use this plugin, add flutter_bounce as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


This is how the Bounce Widget works when wrapped around the widget. The below shows Bounce being used in both the scenario:

  1. Static Page with Duration set facility
  2. Scroll Page with default Duration as 100 ms:
    • Horizontal Scroll
    • Vertical Scroll


  • Import the library
import 'package:flutter_bounce/flutter_bounce.dart';
  • In order to use this package, we just need to wrap the content with the widget Bounce.
  • child, duration and onPressed is mandatory in the widget.
  • However, onPressed and duration can have null in the widget. By default duration is set to 100 milliseconds.
  • Please Note: Always pass the duration in milliseconds for best result
  duration: Duration(milliseconds: 110),
  onPressed: (){ YOUR_FUNCTION },
  child: YOUR_WIDGET


  • I would like to thank Levent Kantaro─člu for contributing in the recent null safety addition to the code, which will now help the community to use this package efficiently.
  • I would like to thank ThomasEcalle for the indirect motivation via his widget, to come up with an efficient work around, which will now be useful for our flutter community people