Flutter Bluetooth


A flutter plugin witch includes platform-specific implementation code for Android 18+ and/or iOS 10+ to connect and control bluetooth ble device.

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This project is a flutter plugin,so you use it by add dependencies in your pubspec.yaml.

    sdk: flutter
  flutter_blue_elves: ^0.1.9
$ flutter pub get


The example include all api usages.In ios,you have to add bluetooth permission tag in info file. img


Import plugin module where you need use.

import 'package:flutter_blue_elves/flutter_blue_elves.dart';

Check bluetooth function is Ok.

Effect Need version
Bluetooth permission 1. Scan for Bluetooth devices;
2. Connect with Bluetooth devices;
3. Communicate with Bluetooth devices
Android 31+
Location permission 1. Scan for Bluetooth devices;
2. Scan bluetooth device with physical location of the device;
location function Same as Location permission ALL
Bluetooth function Use Bluetooth ALL
FlutterBlueElves.instance.androidCheckBlueLackWhat().then((values) {
///no bluetooth permission,if your target is android 12
///no location permission
///location powerOff
///bluetooth powerOff

FlutterBlueElves.instance.iosCheckBluetoothState().then((value) {
///Bluetooth is not initialized
}else if(value==IosBluetoothState.resetting){
///Bluetooth is resetting
}else if(value==IosBluetoothState.unSupport){
///Bluetooth not support
}else if(value==IosBluetoothState.unAuthorized){
///No give bluetooth permission
}else if(value==IosBluetoothState.poweredOff){
///bluetooth powerOff
///bluetooth is ok

Turn on bluetooth function what bluetooth need.Just for android.

///apply location permission
FlutterBlueElves.instance.androidApplyLocationPermission((isOk) {
print(isOk ? "User agrees to grant location permission" : "User does not agree to grant location permission");
///turn on location function
FlutterBlueElves.instance.androidOpenLocationService((isOk) {
print(isOk ? "The user agrees to turn on the positioning function" : "The user does not agree to enable the positioning function");
///turn on bluetooth permission
FlutterBlueElves.instance.androidApplyBluetoothPermission((isOk) {
print(isOk ? "The user agrees to turn on the Bluetooth permission" : "The user does not agrees to turn on the Bluetooth permission");
///turn on bluetooth function
FlutterBlueElves.instance.androidOpenBluetoothService((isOk) {
print(isOk ? "The user agrees to turn on the Bluetooth function" : "The user does not agrees to turn on the Bluetooth function");

Scan bluetooth device not connected.

///start scan,you can set scan timeout
FlutterBlueElves.instance.startScan(5000).listen((scanItem) {
///Use the information in the scanned object to filter the devices you want
///if want to connect someone,call scanItem.connect,it will return Device object
Device device = scanItem.connect(connectTimeout: 5000);
///you can use this device to listen bluetooth device's state
///newState is DeviceState type,include disconnected,disConnecting, connecting,connected, connectTimeout,initiativeDisConnected,destroyed
}).onDone(() {
///if scan timeout or you stop scan,will into this

///stop scan

Obtain devices that cannot be scanned because they are connected by other apps on the phone.

///Get Hide device.
///Because it is not scanned, some device information will be missing compared with the scanned results
FlutterBlueElves.instance.getHideConnectedDevices().then((values) {

Discovery device's bluetooth service,witch work in connected.

///use this stream to listen discovery result
device.serviceDiscoveryStream.listen((serviceItem) {
///serviceItem type is BleService,is readonly.It include BleCharacteristic and BleDescriptor
///to discovery service,witch work in connected

Communicate with the device,witch work in connected.

///use this stream to listen data result
device.deviceSignalResultStream.listen((result) {
///result type is DeviceSignalResult,is readonly.It have DeviceSignalType attributes,witch include characteristicsRead,characteristicsWrite,characteristicsNotify,descriptorRead,descriptorWrite,unKnown.
///In ios you will accept unKnown,because characteristicsRead is as same as characteristicsNotify for ios.So characteristicsRead or characteristicsNotify will return unKnown.

///Read data from device by Characteristic.
///to read,witch work in connected

///Write data to device by Characteristic.
///to write,witch work in connected.After my test,i find this isNoResponse is work in ios but not in android.
///In ios if you set isNoResponse,you will not receive data after write,but android will.

///Read data from device by Descriptor.

///Write data to device by Descriptor.

Negotiate mtu with the device,witch work in connected and just for android

Ios automatically negotiates mtu with the device, so we don’t need to worry about it. After my test, the maximum value of mtu negotiated by ios is 185, but as long as the device allows it, ios can also write more than 185 bytes of data at one time

///Mtu range is in [23,517]
device.androidRequestMtu(512, (isSuccess, newMtu){
///get the result in this callback
///if isSuccess is true,the newMtu is new
///if isSuccess is false,this newMtu is current

Connect&Disconnect Device

///work in disConnected
///This connection method is direct connection, because it has been connected before, so I saved the direct connection object, and I can use this object to connect again
///work in connected
///disconnect device

Destroy Device object

///if you never use this Device Object,call destroy(),witch can save space

Watch Device rssi change

///use this stream to listen rssi change
device.deviceSignalResultStream.listen((newRssi) {
///start watch rssi
    ///start ok
    ///start error
///stop watch rssi
    ///stop ok
    ///stop error


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