geofenceModeHighAccuracy property Null safety

bool? geofenceModeHighAccuracy
read / write

[Android only] Enable high-accuracy for geofence-only mode (See BackgroundGeolocation.startGeofences).

Defaults to false. Runs Android's BackgroundGeolocation.startGeofences with a///foreground service* (along with its corresponding persitent notification; See Notification for a list of available notification config options, including Notification.text, Notification.title).

Configuring geofenceModeHighAccuracy: true will make Android geofence triggering///far more responsive*. In this mode, the usual config options to control location-services will be applied:

⚠️ Warning: Will consume more power.

With the default geofenceModeHighAccuracy: false, a device will have to move farther into a geofence before the ENTER event fires and farther out of a geofence before the EXIT event fires.

The more aggressive you configure the location-update params above (at the cost of power consumption), the more responsive will be your geofence-triggering.


  geofenceModeHighAccuracy: true,
  desiredAccuracy: Config.DESIRED_ACCURACY_MEDIUM,
  locationUpdateInterval: 5000,
  distanceFilter: 50
)).then((state) {

Example geofenceModeHighAccuracy: false (Default) — Transition events are delayed.

Example geofenceModeHighAccuracy: true — Transition events are nearly instantaneous.


bool? geofenceModeHighAccuracy;