Flutter implementation of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Text-To-Speech API.

Getting Started

Initialise the framework with your Region and Subscription key

      subscriptionKey: "YOUR SUBSCRIPTION KEY",
      region: "YOUR REGION",
      withLogs: true); // enable logs

Get the list of all available voices. And pick a voice to read the text.

// Get available voices
  final voicesResponse = await AzureTts.getAvailableVoices() as VoicesSuccess;
  //Pick a Neural voice
  final voice = voicesResponse.voices.where((element) =>
          element.voiceType == "Neural" && element.locale.startsWith("en-"))
      .toList(growable: false)[0];

Request audio file.

  final text = "Microsoft Speech Service Text-to-Speech API";

TtsParams params = TtsParams(
    voice: voice,
    audioFormat: AudioOutputFormat.audio16khz32kBitrateMonoMp3,
    rate: 1.5, // optional prosody rate (default is 1.0)
    text: text);
  final ttsResponse = await AzureTts.getTts(params) as AudioSuccess;