Pub Package


Supports downloading objects and listing objects in a bucket.

The heavy lifting was done by Amazon Cognito Identity SDK for Dart, this project contains just convenience methods for common use cases.

if you need more requests, you can use this instead to build what you need. If you implement more methods, feel free to open a pull request.


Build the client

final AwsS3Client s3client = AwsS3Client(
   region: <Region>,
   bucket: <Bucket>,
   accessKey: <AccessKey>,
   secretKey: <SecretKey>,
   sessionToken: <Optional: Session Token (if required)>

Get an object

final response = await s3client.getObject("your/object/key"); 

List objects of the bucket

ListBucketResult listBucketResult =
  await s3client.listObjects(prefix: "dir1/dir2/", delimiter: "/");

If you want to use a custom http client, use the method buildSignedGetParams. This method returns an object containing the URL and the Authorization headers, which can be used to build the request with your preferred http client.