Flutter Avo Inspector

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flutter_avo_inspector allows you to integration Flutter with Native Avo Inspector Native SDK.

Setting things up

First of all, if you don't have one already, you must have an apiKey.

  1. Get your apiKey
  2. You need to call initialization in the first of all, for example in main.dart
    await AvoInspector.initialize(
        apiKey: avoApiKey, 
        env: 'development',
  • Don't forget to replace avoApiKey with your apiKey

Official Documentation


For more information you can see full setup from Avo Inspector Android. Please follow instruction for installation.


For more information you can see full setup from Avo Inspector iOS

Getting involved

First of all, thank you for even considering to get involved. You are a real super :star: and we :heart: you!

Reporting bugs and issues

Use the configured Github issue report template when reporting an issue. Make sure to state your observations and expectations as objectively and informative as possible so that we can understand your need and be able to troubleshoot.

Discussions and ideas

We're happy to discuss and talk about ideas in the repository discussions and/or post your question to StackOverflow. Feel free to open a thread if you are having any questions on how to use either the Facebook SDK as a reporting tool itself or even on how to use this plugin.