Flutter Auto Form

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The easiest way to create fully customizable forms with only a tiny amount of code.


Are you tired of writing endless lines of code to create forms in your Flutter apps? Look no further! Our Flutter Auto Form package is here to revolutionize your form-building experience.

Our primary goal is to significantly reduce the amount of code required to create forms in Flutter. We achieve this by embracing a clear separation of concerns between form logic and form display.

With Flutter Auto Form, you write the form logic in pure Dart, without any direct mention of widgets. Instead, we introduce the AFWidget, which dynamically renders all the necessary widgets based on a straightforward form declaration—a simple Dart class that extends the TemplateForm class.

But that's not all! Our package empowers you to design your custom fields and linked widgets, making nearly any form conceivable. Whether you're working on basic forms or tackling complex ones, Flutter Auto Form has got you covered.

The true magic of Flutter Auto Form shines when you're dealing with multiple forms, especially complex ones. All your validators are automatically called when you submit a form, and you can even create sub-forms that cascade into one another.

Dynamic form generation is also feasible but still in experimental mode. It is accessible through the JsonSchemaForm class.


To use this plugin, add flutter_auto_form as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


    sdk: flutter

  # Your other packages  ...

  flutter_auto_form: ^1.0.6


  • Platforms: All platforms currently supported
  • Autofill hints: Automatic support through AFTextFieldType
  • Validators: Email, Url, Hex colour, Not null, Minimum string length, Same as another field, Alphanumeric.
  • Fields: Password (auto obscure toggle), Text, Number, Model (built-in support for search through an api), Boolean, Sub-form (cascading forms), Select (dropdown field allowing only predefined values)
  • Custom code: You can customize and create new fields, validators, widgets as you please without even touching the source code of this package !


The first step in creating a form with Flutter Auto Form is to create a class inheriting from the TemplateForm class.

import 'package:flutter_auto_form/flutter_auto_form.dart';

import 'package:flutter_auto_form/flutter_auto_form.dart';

class LoginForm extends TemplateForm {
  final List<Field> fields = [
      id: 'identifier',
      name: 'Identifier',
      validators: [
              (e) => 'Min 5 characters, currently ${e?.length ?? 0} ',
      type: AFTextFieldType.USERNAME,
      id: 'password',
      name: 'Password',
      validators: [
              (e) => 'Min 6 characters, currently ${e?.length ?? 0} ',
      type: AFTextFieldType.PASSWORD,
      id: 'accept-condition',
      name: 'Accept terms',
      validators: [ShouldBeTrueValidator('Please accept terms to continue?')],
      value: false,

The second & (already) last step is to add the AFWidget wherever you would like to display a form.

formBuilder: () => RegistrationForm(),
submitButton: (Function({bool showLoadingDialog}) submit) => Padding(
padding: const EdgeInsets.only(top: 32),
child: MaterialButton(
child: Text('Submit'),
onPressed: () => submit(showLoadingDialog: true),
onSubmitted: (RegistrationForm form) {
// do whatever you want when the form is submitted


A demo video can be found here. The four forms displayed in the video are all created with Flutter Auto Form, even the model search field.

The source code is located in the example folder.

Advanced usage

If you need to create your own field (color field, image field, ...) you can always create it by overriding the Field class. Then to display a custom widget, create a stateful widget that extends the FieldStatefulWidget, and of which the state extends the FieldState class.

This package is still under construction ! Do not hesitate to create an issue on the GitHub page if you find any bug or if you would like to see a new type of validator, field !