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Flutter Audio Record 3 Plugin that supports Record Pause Resume Stop and provide access to audio level metering properties average power peak power

Works for both Android and iOS


add flutter_audio_recorder3 to your pubspec.yaml

iOS Permission

  1. Add usage description to Info.plist
<string>Can We Use Your Microphone Please</string>
  1. Then use hasPermission api to ask user for permission when needed

Android Permission

  1. Add uses-permission to ./android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml in xml root level like below
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO"/>
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>
  1. Then use hasPermission api to ask user for permission when needed


iOS Deployment Target is 8.0 above


  • AndroidX: use latest version (0.5.x)
  • Legacy Android: use old version (0.4.9)


Recommended API Usage: hasPermission => init > start -> (pause <-> resume) * n -> stop, call init again before start another recording

Always check permission first(it will request permission if permission has not been set to true/false yet, otherwise it will return the result of recording permission)

bool hasPermission = await FlutterAudioRecorder3.hasPermissions;

Initialize (run this before start, so we could check if file with given name already exists)

var recorder = FlutterAudioRecorder3("file_path.mp4"); // .wav .aac .m4a
await recorder.initialized;


var recorder = FlutterAudioRecorder3("file_path", audioFormat: AudioFormat.AAC); // or AudioFormat.WAV
await recorder.initialized;
Sample Rate
var recorder = FlutterAudioRecorder3("file_path", audioFormat: AudioFormat.AAC, sampleRate: 22000); // sampleRate is 16000 by default
await recorder.initialized;
Audio Extension and Format Mapping
Audio Format Audio Extension List
AAC .m4a .aac .mp4
WAV .wav

Start recording

await recorder.start();
var recording = await recorder.current(channel: 0);

Get recording details

var current = await recording.current(channel: 0);
// print(current.status);

You could use a timer to access details every 50ms(simply cancel the timer when recording is done)

new Timer.periodic(tick, (Timer t) async {
        var current = await recording.current(channel: 0);
        // print(current.status);
        setState(() {
Name Description
path String
extension String
duration Duration
audioFormat AudioFormat
metering AudioMetering
status RecordingStatus
Name Description
peakPower double
averagePower double
isMeteringEnabled bool



await recorder.pause();


await recorder.resume();

Stop (after stop, run init again to create another recording)

var result = await recorder.stop();
File file = widget.localFileSystem.file(result.path);


Please check example app using Xcode.

Getting Started

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