originally a fork of flutter_audio_recorder2 with few more features. i made this out of flutter_audio_recorder2 because the author was inactive(he isn't merging PRs or attending to issues) and i started having alot of issues with the plugin


pub version


Flutter Audio Rec Plugin that supports Record Pause Resume Stop and provide access to audio level metering properties average power peak power

Works for both Android and iOS


add flutter_audio_rec to your pubspec.yaml

iOS Permission

  1. Add usage description to Info.plist
<string>Can We Use Your Microphone Please</string>
  1. Then use hasPermission api to ask user for permission when needed

Android Permission

  1. Add uses-permission to ./android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml in xml root level like below
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO"/>
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>
  1. Then use hasPermission api to ask user for permission when needed


iOS Deployment Target is 8.0 above


  • AndroidX: use latest version (0.5.x)
  • Legacy Android: use old version (0.4.9)


Recommended API Usage: hasPermission => init > start -> (pause <-> resume) * n -> stop, call init again before start another recording

Always check permission first(it will request permission if permission has not been set to true/false yet, otherwise it will return the result of recording permission)

bool hasPermission = await FlutterAudioRec.hasPermissions;

Initialize (run this before start, so we could check if file with given name already exists)

var recorder = FlutterAudioRec("file_path.mp4"); // .wav .aac .m4a
await recorder.initialized;


var recorder = FlutterAudioRec("file_path", audioFormat: AudioFormat.AAC); // or AudioFormat.WAV
await recorder.initialized;
Sample Rate
var recorder = FlutterAudioRec("file_path", audioFormat: AudioFormat.AAC, sampleRate: 22000); // sampleRate is 16000 by default
await recorder.initialized;
Audio Extension and Format Mapping
Audio Format Audio Extension List
AAC .m4a .aac .mp4
WAV .wav

Start recording

await recorder.start();
var recording = await recorder.current(channel: 0);

Get recording details

var current = await recording.current(channel: 0);
// print(current.status);

You could use a timer to access details every 50ms(simply cancel the timer when recording is done)

new Timer.periodic(tick, (Timer t) async {
        var current = await recording.current(channel: 0);
        // print(current.status);
        setState(() {
Name Description
path String
extension String
duration Duration
audioFormat AudioFormat
metering AudioMetering
status RecordingStatus
Name Description
peakPower double
averagePower double
isMeteringEnabled bool



await recorder.pause();


await recorder.resume();

Stop (after stop, run init again to create another recording)

var result = await recorder.stop();
File file = widget.localFileSystem.file(result.path);


Please check example app using Xcode.

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