Capture the audio stream buffer through microphone for iOS/Android. Required OS version is iOS 12+ or Android 23+

Getting Started

Add this line to your pubspec.yaml file:

  flutter_audio_capture: ^1.0.0

and execute

$ flutter pub get

If you want to use this package on Android OS, you need to set RECORD_AUDIO permission to AndroindManifest.xml like below.

<manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
  // Add this line
  <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO"/>

If you want to use this package on iOS, you need to set NSMicrophoneUsageDescription to Info.plist like below.

    <string>Need microphone access to capture audio</string>


You can see full example in example/lib/main.dart

import 'package:flutter_audio_capture/flutter_audio_capture.dart';

// Callback function if device capture new audio stream.
// argument is audio stream buffer captured through mictophone.
// Currentry, you can only get is as Float64List.
void listener(dynamic obj) {
  var buffer = Float64List.fromList(obj.cast<double>());

// Callback function if flutter_audio_capture failure to register
// audio capture stream subscription.
void onError(Object e) {


FlutterAudioCapture plugin = new FlutterAudioCapture();
// Start to capture audio stream buffer
// sampleRate: sample rate you want
// bufferSize: buffer size you want (iOS only)
await plugin.start(listener, onError, sampleRate: 16000, bufferSize: 3000);
// Stop to capture audio stream buffer
await plugin.stop();