Flutter Animation Progress Bar

This colorful Flutter widget package aims to show an animation progress bar in reactive style. It also supports both vertical and horizontal bar.

Flutter Create Contest

This package is also a submission to Flutter Create contest. The basic rule of this contest is to measure the total Dart file size less or equal 5KB.

After unzipping the compressed file, run following command to update dependencies:

flutter packages get

To evaluate the total size of all Dart files:

find . -name "*.dart" ! -name "*test*"  | xargs cat | wc -c

To evaluate only the package Dart code:

find . -name "*.dart" ! -name "*test*" ! -path "*example*"  | xargs cat | wc -c

To run simple example app with a total size of dart code less or equal 5KB:

cd example
flutter clean
flutter run

Hot restart app with "R" to replay the animation

To run the full example app:

cd example
mv lib/main.dart tmp && mv lib/main.dart.bk lib/main.dart && mv tmp lib/main.dart.bk
flutter clean
flutter run

Using built-in float action buttons to change value and see the effect

Getting Started

In order to use this package, do import

import 'package:flutter_animation_progress_bar/flutter_animation_progress_bar.dart';

Basic implementation can be done like below code:

import 'package:flutter/widgets.dart';
import 'package:flutter_animation_progress_bar/flutter_animation_progress_bar.dart';

void main() {
        child: FAProgressBar(
      currentValue: 80,
      displayText: '%',

Example App

You can find more examples from Example App


In this table, you can find all attributes provided by this package:

AttributeDefault valueDescription
currentValue0Set the current value for progress bar. This value should be in stateful so that whenever setState() has been called, the progress bar will trigger an animation from latest currentValue to new currentValue
maxValue100Max value to be displayed as progress bar.
Current value can be greater than max value
size30The bar height if direction in Axis.horizontal.
The bar width if direction in Axis.vertical
animatedDurationconst Duration(milliseconds: 300)Set the duration for an animation cycle
directionAxis.horizontalThe bar can be in Axis.horizontal or Axis.vertical direction
verticalDirectionVerticalDirection.downWith vertical direction, the bar can be VerticalDirection.up or VerticalDirection.down direction
borderRadius8Set the bar border radius
bordernullSet the bar border style by BoxBorder
backgroundColorconst Color(0x00FFFFFF)Set the bar background color
progressColorconst Color(0xFFFA7268)Set the bar progressing color
changeColorValuenullSet a value that progress color should be changed to
changeProgressColorconst Color(0xFF5F4B8B)Color that progressing color will be changed to, whenever currentValue greater than changeColorValue
displayTextnullText to display belonging with currentValue.
% -> 20%
°F -> 80°F
displayTextStyle...TextStyle of displayText


class FAProgressBar {

  final double currentValue;
  final double maxValue;
  final double size;
  final Duration animatedDuration;
  final Axis direction;
  final VerticalDirection verticalDirection;
  final double borderRadius;
  final BoxBorder border;
  final Color backgroundColor;
  final Color progressColor;
  final int changeColorValue;
  final Color changeProgressColor;
  final String displayText;
  final TextStyle displayTextStyle;


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