Flutter Broadcasts

A plugin for sending and receiving broadcasts with Android intents and iOS notifications. The API is inspired by Android's BroadcastReceivers and uses the NotificationCenter internally on iOS.

Quick Start

First install the package via pub.dev. Then subscribe to broadcasts like this:

BroadcastReceiver receiver = BroadcastReceiver(
  names: <String>["de.kevlatus.broadcast"],


This package is currently under construction. Below you can find a quick overview of its implementation status. Contributions are welcome, if you are missing features.

  • x implement broadcast receiver on Android
  • x implement broadcast sending on Android
  • implement NSNotificationCenter subscriptions on iOS
  • implement NSNotificationCenter notifications on iOS


Contributions are much appreciated, but keep in mind that this package is supposed to be generic and only expose native broadcast APIs like Android's BroadcastReceivers and the iOS NotificiationCenter. Consider creating separate packages for sending and receiving specific broadcast instances.

If you have any ideas for extending this package to other platforms, feel free to open a pull request or raise an issue.