An advanced progress widget, that can be fully customized with bunch of properties, just try it and enjoy!

State 1State 2
Flutter Advanced Progress LightFlutter Advanced Progress Dark

AdvancedProgress Parameters

primaryValueValue for primary progress.double
secondaryValueValue for secondary progress.double
secondaryWidthSecondary progress width.double10.0
radiusTotal radius for whole widget.double
startAngleProgress start angle.double120.0
maxDegreesProgress degrees from startAngle.double300.0
progressGapGap between primary and secondary progress.double0.0
divisionPrimary progress division.int10
levelAmountAmount of levels on primary progress.int
levelLowWidthWidth of levels on primary progress.double1.0
levelLowHeightHeight of low levels on primary progress.double8.0
levelHighWidthHeight of high levels managed by division on primary progress.double2.0
levelHighHeightWidth of levels on primary progress.double16.0
levelHighBeginEndTrue if need to begin and end with high level.boolfalse
primaryColorPrimary color that used as a color for progress of first in gradient.Color
secondaryColorSecondary color that used last in gradient.Color
tertiaryColorTertiary color that used for inactive part of progress.Color
childChild widget.Widget