An advanced drawer widget, that can be fully customized with size, text, color, radius of corners.

Advanced Drawer States

Drawer Open State Drawer Closed State
Advanced Drawer Open State Advanced Drawer Closed State

AdvancedDrawer Parameters

Parameter Description Type Default
child Screen widget Widget required
drawer Drawer widget Widget required
controller Widget controller AdvancedDrawerController
backdropColor Backdrop color Color
backdrop Backdrop widget for custom background Widget
openRatio Opening ratio double 0.75
openScale Opening child scale factor double 0.85
animationDuration Animation duration Duration 300ms
animationCurve Animation curve Curve Curves.easeInOut
childDecoration Child container decoration BoxDecoration Shadow, BorderRadius
animateChildDecoration Indicates that childDecoration might be animated or not. bool true
rtlOpening Opening from Right-to-left. bool false
disabledGestures Disable gestures. bool false


Preview Tap Preview Gesture
Advanced Drawer Tap Animation Advanced Drawer Gestures