An advanced avatar provides a rich API for widget customization that opens a new look and feel in your app.


Advanced Avatar Theme LAF

Advanced Avatar Light Theme Advanced Avatar Dark Theme

AdvancedAvatar Parameters

Parameter Description Type Default
name Used for creating initials. (Regex split by r'\s+/') String
size Avatar size (width = height). double 80.0
image Avatar image source exclusively with child. ImageProvider
margin Avatar margin. EdgeInsetsGeometry
style Initials text style. TextStyle
statusColor Status color. Color
statusSize Status size. double 12.0
statusAlignment Status alignment. Alignment Alignment.topRight
decoration Avatar decoration. BoxDecoration color, shape
foregroundDecoration Avatar foreground decoration. BoxDecoration
child Child widget exclusively with image. Widget
children Hosted widgets. Widget
animated Use AnimatedContainer bool false
duration AnimatedContainer duration Duration Duration(milliseconds: 300)
autoTextSize Auto name text size bool false