Ads Mediation Setup Plugin (Flutter)

Performs all ad mediation setup and provide all necessary code to integrate ads in the app

What It does?

  • x Update AndroidManifest.xml files for release, debug & profile
  • x Update build.gradle file
  • x Update Info.plist file
  • x Update Podfile file
  • x Update main.dart file
  • x Creates lib/ad_unit_ids/ad_unit_id.dart file

How To Use

Just run following command on your flutter project

flutter pub run flutter_ads_mediation:main <path/to/setup.json> 


min kotlin version required 1.4.32 (if app is using kotlin)
goto your android/build.gradle file, within the buildscript block replace the kotlin version with 1.4.32 at ext.kotlin_version.

file : android/build.gradle

    buildscript {
        ext.kotlin_version = '1.4.32'

multiDexEnabled true and minSdkVersion 19
goto your android/app/build.gradle file within defaultConfig block add/replace these two lines.

file : android/app/build.gradle

    android {
        defaultConfig {   
            minSdkVersion 19   
            multiDexEnabled true