A Flutter plugin for the ACRCloud music recognition API. This is a third-party plugin; there is no relation between the developer and ACRCloud.

Note: I built this plugin to support a personal project. As such, it is very bare bones and potentially buggy. If you encounter a bug or need a feature added, you can open an issue or, better yet, fix it yourself and submit a PR.


In order to get access to the microphone, you have to explicitly list the required permission in your iOS and Android apps.


  1. Open ios/Runner/Info.plist.

  2. Add the following lines somewhere inside of the <dict>:

    <string>Recognize the music around you</string>
  3. You can replace the <string> with whatever message you want. This message will be displayed in the alert that asks the user to grant permission to access to the microphone.


  1. Open android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml

  2. Add the following line inside of the <manifest> and above the <application>:

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO" />


Consult the example app for a real-world example.

  1. Call ACRCloud.setUp() to provide your API key, API secret, and preferred host. setUp() takes an instance of ACRCloudConfig.
  2. When you want to recognize a song, call ACRCloud.startSession() to start a recording session. You will get an instance of ACRCloudSession that you can use to interact with the session.
  3. To get the current volume, you can use the volume property of ACRCloudSession. This is a Stream that is updated every time a new volume value is recoded.
  4. To cancel a session, just call cancel() on the session.
  5. To get the result of a session, you can await the result property of the session. If the result is null, then the request was cancelled. Otherwise, you'll get an instance of ACRCloudResponse that contains all the information.