Flutter 3D Controller

A Flutter package for rendering interactive 3D models in different formats(glb, gltf, fbx, obj), with ability to control animations, textures and camera.


  • Mobile and Web stable version (support glb & gltf format)
  • Load 3D model from assets
  • Load 3D model from URL
  • Play animation
  • Switch between animations
  • Pause animation
  • Reset animation
  • Get available animations list
  • Switch between textures
  • Get available textures list
  • Set camera target
  • Reset camera target
  • Set camera orbit
  • Reset camera orbit
  • Set default loading progressbar color


Model1 Model2 Model3 Model3 Model1 Model2 Model3 Model3


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web


  • For now this package only support GLB & glTF format, other 3d formats coming soon.
  • Visit the full example to see how to use this package

Brief Example

//Create controller object to control 3D model.
Flutter3DController controller = Flutter3DController();

//It will play 3D model animation, you can use it to play or switch between animations.

//If you pass specific animation name it will play that specific animation.
//If you pass null and your model has at least 1 animation it will play first animation.
controller.playAnimation(animationName: chosenAnimation);

//It will pause the animation at current frame.

//It will reset and play animation from first frame (from beginning).

//It will return available animation list of 3D model.
await controller.getAvailableAnimations();

//It will load desired texture of 3D model, you need to pass texture name.
controller.setTexture(textureName: chosenTexture);

//It will return available textures list of 3D model.
await controller.getAvailableTextures();

//It will set your desired camera target.
controller.setCameraTarget(0.3, 0.2, 0.4);

//It will reset the camera target to default.

//It will set your desired camera orbit.
controller.setCameraOrbit(20, 20, 5);

//It will reset the camera orbit to default.

//The 3D viewer widget
    //If you don't pass progressBarColor the color of defaultLoadingProgressBar will be grey.
    //You can set your custom color or use [Colors.transparent] for hiding the loadingProgressBar.
    progressBarColor: Colors.blue,
    controller: controller,
    src: 'assets/business_man.glb', //3D model with different animations
    //src: 'assets/sheen_chair.glb', //3D model with different textures
    //src: 'https://modelviewer.dev/shared-assets/models/Astronaut.glb', //3D model from URL



  flutter_3d_controller: ^1.3.1

AndroidManifest.xml (Android 9+ only)

To use this widget on Android 9+ devices, your app must be permitted to make an HTTP connection to http://localhost:XXXXX. Android 9 (API level 28) changed the default for `android:usesCleartextTraffic` from true to false, so you will need to configure your app's android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml as follows:

-       android:label="example">
+       android:label="example"
+       android:usesCleartextTraffic="true">

This does not affect Android 8 and earlier. See #7 for more information.

app/build.gradle (Android only)

Change minSdkVersion to 21.

defaultConfig {
    minSdkVersion 21

Info.plist (iOS only)

To use this widget on iOS, you need to opt-in to the embedded views preview by adding a boolean property to your app's ios/Runner/Info.plist file, with the key io.flutter.embedded_views_preview and the value YES:


web/index.html (Web only)

Modify the <head> tag of your web/index.html to load the JavaScript, like so:


  <!-- Other stuff -->

  <script type="module" src="./assets/packages/flutter_3d_controller/assets/model-viewer.min.js" defer></script>

More Info

This package use 'Model Viewer' to render 3D models and it may have some issue in rendering some models/textures, the core of package (Model Viewer) will change in future to support all type of 3D models