Flutter 2FA

** This is an unofficial SDK for flutter

🔐 This package to helps adds 2 Factor Authentiation in any flutter project with ease.

📸 Screen Shots

🚀 How to Use plugin

  • Launch Flutter 2FA with activate method in any button/onpressed action
import 'package:flutter_2fa/flutter_2fa.dart';

  void launch() async {
       await Flutter2FA().activate(
                        context: context,
                        appName: "Flutter 2FA", // your app ame
                        email: "hipheckt@xyz.com" // email of user to authenticate
  • Verify user authentication
import 'package:flutter_2fa/flutter_2fa.dart';

        void verify() async {
            await Flutter2FA().verify(context: context);

✨ Contribution

PR's and suggestions are very much welcome.