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Localization Package

A localization package for Flutter with multiple language support, providing an extensible system to manage localizations dynamically.


  • Multi-Language Support:

    • English Localization
    • Arabic Localization
    • Turkish Localization
  • Extensible Localization System:

    • Abstract base classes for structured localization (BaseLocalization, AuthLocalization, ErrorLocalization, SettingsLocalization, ActionsLocalization, etc.).
    • Const constructors for immutable objects.
  • Dynamic Language Switching:

    • Support for adding new variables and methods using Dart mixins and extensions.
  • Error Localization:

    • Common error messages and handling strategies.
    • Extendable error messages using extensions to add new variables dynamically.
  • Settings and Themes Localization:

    • Settings strings like settings, language, languageDialogTitle, languageDialogDescription.
    • Theme strings like theme, dark, light, system.
  • Internet Connectivity Localization:

    • Strings related to internet connectivity such as noInternet, noInternetMessage, tryAgain.
  • Pages Localization:

    • Common page strings such as aboutUs, contactUs, homePageTitle, images, information, privacyPolicy, products, profile, services, termsAndConditions, videos.
  • Action Localization:

    • Common action strings such as ok, cancel, yes, no, save, delete, edit, add, update, create, close, back, next, skip, finish, confirm, send, accept, reject, submit, saveChanges, reset, clear, join, leave, subscribe, unsubscribe, follow, unfollow, like, unlike, share, report.
  • Search Localization:

    • Search-related strings such as pleaseEnterValidCharacters, pleaseEnterWhatYouWantToSearch, pleaseEnterYourSearch, search, searchError, searchErrorMessage, searchErrorOccurred, searchHint, searchMessage, searchNotFound, searchNotFoundMessage.


To use this package, add the following dependency to your pubspec.yaml file:

  localization_package: ^1.0.0
   provider: ^6.0.0

Then, run the following command in your terminal to install the package:

Then run in terminal:

flutter pub get


here is an example of how to setup the localization using provider

void main() {

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MultiProvider(
      providers: [
          create: (_) => LocalizationProvider(),
      child: MaterialApp(
         title: 'Localization App',
         home: MyHomePage(),


Import the package and initialize the localization:

import 'package:localization_package/localization_package.dart';

void main() {
  // Initialize English localization
  final englishLocalization = EnglishLocalization(appNameText: 'My App');

  // Accessing general app name
  print(englishLocalization.appName('My App')); // Output: My App

  // Accessing actions localization
  print(englishLocalization.actionsLocalization?.ok); // Output: OK

  // Accessing authentication localization
  print(englishLocalization.auth?.login); // Output: Login

  // Accessing error localization
  print(englishLocalization.errorLocalization?.errorOccurred); // Output: An error occurred

  // Accessing settings localization
  print(englishLocalization.settingsLocalization?.language); // Output: Language

  // Setting and getting a new variable using extension
  englishLocalization.settingsLocalization?.newVariable = 'New Value';
  print(englishLocalization.settingsLocalization?.newVariable); // Output: New Value