Package that provides a way to register your environment and display it

Getting Started

Add dependencies

fluent_environment: ^0.1.1

Define environment

class AppEnvironment extends Environment {
    final String name = "Development";

    final Color color = Colors.blue;

    Map<String, String> get values => {
        'url': const String.fromEnvironment('URL'),

    EnvironemntType get type => EnvironemntType.dev;

Build module

void main() async {
  await Fluent.build([
      environment: AppEnvironment(),

  runApp(const App());

Use it

class App extends StatelessWidget {
    const App({super.key});

    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
        // Return the current environment
        final environment = FLuent.get<EnvironmentApi>().environment;
        return MaterialApp(
            title: 'Fluent Environment Demo',
            // Wrap child widget with environment banner to display the current environment
            builder: (context, child) => EnvironmentBanner(child: child!),
            home: Scaffold(
                body: Center(
                    child: Text("Environment: ${environment.type.description}"),