✨ Flutter Floating Bottom Navigation Bar

Fully customizable floating bottom navigation package for flutter.

🎮 How To Use

          appBar: AppBar(
            title: Text('Example'),
          //If you want to show body behind the navbar, it should be true
          extendBody: true,
          bottomNavigationBar: FloatingNavbar(
            onTap: (int val) {
              //returns tab id which is user tapped
            currentIndex: 0,
            items: [
              FloatingNavbarItem(icon: Icons.home, title: 'Home'),
              FloatingNavbarItem(icon: Icons.explore, title: 'Explore'),
              FloatingNavbarItem(icon: Icons.chat_bubble_outline, title: 'Chats'),
              FloatingNavbarItem(icon: Icons.settings, title: 'Settings'),

❗️ Note

  • Pull requests are welcomed, especially the animations :)

⭐️ License

MIT License