Picture in Picture management for Flutter. Android only

Picture in picture demo

App configuration

Add android:supportsPictureInPicture="true" line to the <activity> tag in android/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml:



This package provides a helper PiPSwitcher widget for switching the displayed widgets according to current PiP status. Use it like so:

    childWhenDisabled: Scaffold(...),
    childWhenEnabled: JustVideo(), 


PiP mode in desired mode is available only in Android so iOS and web support is not planned until the platforms adds native support for such feature.

Create a Floating instance

final floating = Floating();

When you're done with the PiP functionality, make sure you're disposing the instance:


Check if PiP is available

final canUsePiP = await floating.isPipAvailable;

PiP may be unavailable because of system settings managed by admin or device manufacturer. Also, the device may have Android version that was released without this feature.

Check if app is in PiP mode

final currentStatus = await floating.pipStatus;

Possible statuses:

Status Description Will enable() have an effect?
disabled PiP is available to use but currently disabled. Yes
enabled PiP is enabled. The app can display content but will not receive user inputs until the user decides to bring the app to it's full size. No
unavailable PiP is disabled on given device. No

Enable PiP mode

final statusAfterEnabling = await floating.enable();

When enabled, PiP mode can be toggled off by the user via system UI.

.enable arguments


The default 16/9 aspect ratio can be overridden with custom Rational. Eg. to make PiP square use: .enable(aspectRatio: Rational(1, 1)) or .enable(aspectRatio: Rational.square()).


By default, system will simply use fade animation to tween between full app and PiP. Switching animation can be smoother by using source rect hint (example animation).

Check the example project to see an example of usage.