Use Flira to create Jira issues from your mobile flutter app.


The Flira report dialog is built to wrap our MaterialApp.

Once we wrapped our MaterialApp, we will be able to call the report dialog using three methods:

  • shaking the screen
  • taking a screenshot
  • calling to a void function from Flira package.

The flow is:

  • Trigger Flira.
  • Tap the small floating button.
  • Enter the data and send the ticket.
  • To dismiss the floating button, drag it down.
        triggeringMethod: TriggeringMethod.shaking,
        context: context,
        app: MaterialApp.router(

FliraWrapper can be applied to MaterialApp and MaterialApp.router() as well.


Due to some issues related to screenshot callback, I added a floating button at the left edge of the screen to make it work on all devices.

Code example repository

Code example feature/attach_image_to_issue (Current release)