Forked from Flip_box_bar, added support for vertical position

Installation Guide

A 3D BottomNavigationBar inspired by Dribbble design by Dannniel.


Example Use

      // In Scaffold
      int selectedIndex = 0;
              selectedIndex: index,
              items: [
                FlipBarItem(icon: Icon(Icons.map), text: Text("Map"), frontColor: Colors.blue, backColor: Colors.blueAccent),
                FlipBarItem(icon: Icon(Icons.add), text: Text("Add"), frontColor: Colors.cyan, backColor: Colors.cyanAccent),
                FlipBarItem(icon: Icon(Icons.chrome_reader_mode), text: Text("Read"), frontColor: Colors.orange, backColor: Colors.orangeAccent),
                FlipBarItem(icon: Icon(Icons.print), text: Text("Print"), frontColor: Colors.purple, backColor: Colors.purpleAccent),
                FlipBarItem(icon: Icon(Icons.print), text: Text("Print"), frontColor: Colors.pink, backColor: Colors.pinkAccent),
              onIndexChanged: (newIndex) {
                setState() {
                    selectedIndex = newIndex;

For vertical position set isVerticalBar = true


List<FlipBarItem> items;

The items to be displayed in the NavBar.

Duration animationDuration;

The duration of the animation of the box flip.

ValueChanged<int> onIndexChanged;

Callback for getting value of item selection.

int initialIndex;

The initial selected index of the NavBar.

double navBarHeight;

The height of the NavBar when it is in bottom nav position.

bool isVerticalBar;

Set the navigation bar as vertical.

double navBarWidth;

The width of the NavBar when it is in vertical position.