pub package

Checkbox widget with two or three state animation with a Flare animation of your choice

If you're using Rive instead of Flare please use rive_checkbox


  animation: 'assets/checkbox.flr',
  value: true,

You can customize the widget with:

animation: path/name to your flare animation

animationOn: animation name of on state, default to On

animationOff: animation name of off state, default to Off

animationUnknown: animation name of unknown state, default to Unknown

value: null, false or true

width: force width of the animation

height: force height of the animation

tristate: true/false to enable null as an initial value

onChanged: callback whenever to checkbox change his state

if tristate is false and value is null, it will be set to false

How it works

To make your flare animation compatible with this widget it's simple:

  • when value is true the animation On is called
  • when value is false the animation Off is called
  • when value is null and tristate true the animation Unknown is called