Riverpod is a reactive caching and data-binding framework for Dart & Flutter.

In flutter_riverpod, widgets can be configured to rebuild when the state of a provider changes.

When using Flame, we are interacting with components, which are not Widgets.

flame_riverpod provides the RiverpodAwareGameWidget, RiverpodGameMixin, and RiverpodComponentMixin to facilitate managing state from Providers in your Flame Game.


You should use the RiverpodAwareGameWidget as your Flame GameWidget, the RiverpodGameMixin mixin on your game that extends FlameGame, and the RiverpodComponentMixin on any components interacting with Riverpod providers.

The full range of operations defined in Riverpod's WidgetRef definition are accessible from components.

Subscriptions to a provider are managed in accordance with the lifecycle of a Flame Component: initialization occurs when a Component is mounted, and disposal occurs when a Component is removed. By default, the RiverpodAwareGameWidget is rebuilt when Riverpod-aware (i.e. using the RiverpodComponentMixin) components are mounted and when they are removed.

/// An excerpt from the Example. Check it out!
class RefExampleGame extends FlameGame with RiverpodGameMixin {
  Future<void> onLoad() async {
    await super.onLoad();
    add(TextComponent(text: 'Flame'));

class RiverpodAwareTextComponent extends PositionComponent
    with RiverpodComponentMixin {
  late TextComponent textComponent;
  int currentValue = 0;

  /// [onMount] should be used over [onLoad] to initialize subscriptions,
  /// cancellation is handled for the user inside [onRemove],
  /// which is only called if the [Component] was mounted.
  /// [RiverpodComponentMixin.addToGameWidgetBuild] **must** be invoked in 
  /// your Component **before** [RiverpodComponentMixin.onMount] in order to 
  /// have the provided function invoked on 
  /// [RiverpodAwareGameWidgetState.build].
  /// From `flame_riverpod` 5.0.0, [WidgetRef.watch], is also accessible from 
  /// components.
  void onMount() {
    addToGameWidgetBuild(() {
      ref.listen(countingStreamProvider, (p0, p1) {
        if (p1.hasValue) {
          currentValue = p1.value!;
          textComponent.text = '$currentValue';
    add(textComponent = TextComponent(position: position + Vector2(0, 27)));


Mark Videon for the initial groundwork and implementation.


Helpers for using Riverpod in conjunction with Flame, to share state from the game into other parts of your application, or from other parts of your application into your game.