Firestore ChatπŸ”₯πŸ’¬

⛏️ Getting started

To get started with Firebase, please see the documentation available at

Add Firestore Chat to your project by following the instructions on the install page and start using it:

import 'package:firestore_chat/firestore_chat.dart';

You can open chat page either via Material route or directly push the chat page

await openChatPage(BuildContext context, ChatEntity chatEntity);



πŸ“± Example

Opening chat

final chatEntity = ChatEntity(
    onMessageSent: (message, chatEntity){
    mainUser: mainUser,
    peers: peers,
    path: chatPath,
    title: "FIFA 2022 Games",

//WAY 1

//WAY 2
await openChatPage(context, chatEntity);

Models πŸ“¦

Peer User πŸ‘¨

  • id - user Id
  • image - user image url
  • name - user display name

Chat Entity πŸ“©

  • mainUser - logged in user
  • peers - Map of users <user ID, PeerUser>
  • title - name of the chat (You can name group chats, can be nullable)
  • path - where the messages/chat should be store on firestore
  • onMessageSent - callback for when the message is saved to firestore

License βš–οΈ

Issues and feedback πŸ’­

If you have any suggestion for including a feature or if something doesn't work, feel free to open a Github issue for us to have a discussion on it.