FirebaseHostingApi class

The Firebase Hosting REST API enables programmatic and customizable management and deployments to your Firebase-hosted sites.

Use this REST API to create and manage channels and sites as well as to deploy new or updated hosting configurations and content files.


FirebaseHostingApi(Client client, {String rootUrl = '', String servicePath = ''})


hashCode int
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no setterinherited
projects ProjectsResource
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runtimeType Type
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sites SitesResource
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toString() String
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cloudPlatformReadOnlyScope → const String
View your data across Google Cloud services and see the email address of your Google Account
cloudPlatformScope → const String
See, edit, configure, and delete your Google Cloud data and see the email address for your Google Account.
firebaseReadonlyScope → const String
View all your Firebase data and settings
firebaseScope → const String
View and administer all your Firebase data and settings